How to achieve true privacy

We live our lives online but our personal data is sold and often hacked or leaked, leaving our entire digital footprint and identities vulnerable. Moving from one provider to another does not solve the problem; you are still relying on a third party. They can still get hacked, suffer a data leak or sell your personal information to third parties. The only solution for true privacy and control is to self-host your data on your own personal server.

Your personal server

We help you become the custodian of your own identity and data by installing, supporting and maintaining your very own personal server. This is not as complex as it sounds and is much easier and cheaper to set up than it used to be. With privacy and security as the default, you can securely live online without sacrificing your privacy. With our help you can enjoy the digital world without compromising your data to big-tech or other third parties.

Why do you need this?

Even if currently using a VPN, you are still sharing your information with a third party and relying on their goodwill. Even the most used and trusted services have unfortunately succumbed to data leaks and hacks, meaning your information has been sold on the dark-web. We help you set up your own: VPN; file storage; email; website hosting; and thousands of open-source apps to replace big tech.


Privacy should not be an ‘after-market’ optional extra but integrated into all your IT personal systems.​
All software has bugs but open-source software is more secure by design as it is frequently audited and updated.
Securely access all your personal data from anywhere in the world with complete privacy and security.


US$ 25 /month
  • A virtual personal server for individuals, households or small businesses at the beginning of their privacy journey.
  • VPN
    Unlimited devices
  • File storage
    Up to 20GB
  • Email
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Support
    Business hours email support

  • * Check the FAQ for all the tech specs and specific service details
US$ 50 /month
  • A virtual personal server for everyone with the unlimited potential to break away from big tech altogether.
  • VPN
    Connect unlimited devices
  • File storage
    Up to 80GB (more available)
  • Email
  • Password manager
    Secure password & info storage
  • Website
  • Onboarding Setup
    5hrs initial data migration support
  • Support
    Email + emergency live assistance

  • * Check the FAQ for all the tech specs and specific service details
Optional Extras
  • Contact us if you require other services. Even if something is not listed here below we can still help you.
  • Custom package
    More file storage, specific software install, unique data migration, specific support requirements, etc. We can quote you
  • Digital identity reset
    Left a digital bigfoot print all over the Internet? Start again from scratch using best practices.
  • Privacy makeover
    Setup and integrate OpSec (privacy) and InfoSec (cybersecurity) tools and behaviour into your digital life.
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