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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Both are needed but are quite different. For example, a VPN provides privacy (who you are) by blocking all kinds of tracking attempts by third parties to follow your identity around the Internet. A VPN also provides security (what you do) by creating an encrypted connection between your device and the service you are connecting to. For example in a house, locked windows provide security against unwanted access and window blinds provide privacy against unwanted spying.

Yes of course. You can still use any platform you want but we suggest other open-source alternatives which respect your privacy. These big-tech providers offer a free service but that makes you the product. Your personal information and browsing history is the product to be sold and exploited.

Running your own personal server does not hide your online identity, although there are many tools we suggest for that. It protects and secures your personal data because you are the only one with access to it. You will still maintain an online identity but one you control.

Yes, although you will not be able to switch to different countries easily. We can help you setup your personal server in your preferred geographic location. If this is a concern please contact us before purchasing any package.

Privacy and security are not absolute. There is no ‘mission accomplished’ status but an evolution towards better privacy and security. There is a trade-off between convenience and privacy. Facebook is convenient but not private whereas sending coded messages via USBs is private but convenient. We believe our personal server solution is the best compromise where you protect your privacy while maintaining convenience.

Yes. All your data is accessible from your own personal server. Some of your apps may change and the way you access them but all your data is always accessible.

If using our Advanced service it includes 5hrs of live support to help you migrate your data away from your existing platforms and into your own personal server. Some big tech platforms really do not want you to leave but there is always a way to do so even if more involved. We help you with that. Please contact us if you have a specific service in mind.

  • Wireguard: your VPN server
  • Nextcloud: your file storage, groupware, office tools, etc.
  • Mail-in-a-Box: your email server
  • Fastmail: your private (third party) mail server
    For now, this is the best email solution even if it involves a third party
  • WordPress: your website
  • Too many to list here but we can recommend alternative software to suit your needs. If it runs on on Linux, specifically Ubuntu Linux Server 22.04 LTS, we can install it for you
  • For information of specific platform(s) please contact us