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Setup: Starter

The following information is needed to setup your Virtual Private Server including your own file/cloud storage, VPN and email addresses. We take your OpSec (privacy) and InfoSec (security) seriously so any information you provide is used for communication purposes only, see our privacy statement. You are welcome and encouraged to provide us with a pseudonym only.

  • > Nickname or pseudonym is okay
  • > Will be used as your username/account

> Current

> For help importing your existing email

We need to set up your personal domain. We advise you select something that is not overly personal, i.e is not great privacy, but of course you can choose anything you like. Please take the following steps:

  • > Check here to see what's available
  • > Search for either .com or .me domains
  • > Do not purchase anything. You are only checking availability
  • > Your main email address will be or

> Used to determine fastest connection between your physical location and your virtual personal server